Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So yea, I aint really had much to say lately. Bloggin
has become secondary on some days lol. But today
just seems like a great day to blog. Even though
the sun is blinded out by the smoke from the
northern cali fires, its still an ok day. Basically it
looks like LA everyday right now..

I recently bought the new coldplay album, "viva la
vida" and I would suggest to those who don't
already know about coldplay (shout to -1-) to go
cop the cd. Its not the normal music I have in
rotation on the reg, but it still has a calming
influence to say the least. So go support! I also
bought the Little Brother album "and justus for
all".. I mean its basically vintage little brother,
Phonte being the stronger of the two. I feel like
he is basically shittin on most LYRICISTS out
there.. aint a mention in the first of "l l l l lick it
like a lolllipop".. which is a waste of words for 3
minutes on a song, but that's for another day.. But
the album is great, and I wish LB had more love.
Anybody notice the angle Chris Brown is taking
nowadays? I can't say I'm mad at it really.. it
shows his versatility and willingness to change it
up.. I see you Brown.

sidenote: diddy is so stupid for his post BET awards
show lol.. this fool said "I made up this drink in my
own kitchen last night...3/4 lemonade, 1/4 ciroc..I
call it the diddy..." LOL where I'm from, thas called
a mikes hard lemonade hahaha... diddy, stop it.

And Chris Brown/Ciaras performance went to work! I feel like giggin
again, unbelievable I haven't danced for real, for real in a good

Alicia Keys on the BET awards.. I HAVE NO

did I mention I got a new new job?

I found some old school pics of my cousin(prettyblackgold) and I from a
lonnng time ago lol.. I'm thinkin bout posting some family love up one

Question of the day: do u have a favorite cousin?


Demon Hunter said...

I do have a favorite cousin and we try to talk everyday even though we're both busy.

Coldplay is okay, but you should pick up System of a Down. They tell the truth about this country---and they're from Turkey. LOL. Toxicity is their best album to date. Listen to their lyrics. I relate to what they're saying. # Build a Prison is something every brother should listen to. ;*)

Melody.Darlene said...

mikes hard lemonade!! hahahahah! right! lol! leave it to diddy to reinvent the wheel! lol!

low key is doin more than most may know!! if ur into new artists or different music, you should peep Pacific Division or J*Davey. you can find some of their tracks on Imeem. dope shit!

and yes, i have 2 favorite cousins!! keep in mind i got like over 30 cousins... but the 2 that i run with are close in age with me, so we grew up kickin it. they're like my sisters! in fact one of them is my double cousin... we're cousins on both sides of my fam!! and NO, there is no incest involved! hahahah! my dad and her dad are brothers and her mom and my mom are sisters! lol... its complicated.

Melody.Darlene said...

ps. i meant to say COLD PLAY is doin more than most may know! lmao! ooO0ps!

i.can't.complain. said...

swag !

ure back.

i love coldplay

haven't heard the new album, though.

glad ure doing good


Stew said...

only have two cousins and they are twin girls. they are 10. so yeah i guess i do.

been trying to find some good alternative music to get into lately. coldplay it is

LMAO @ the "mike's hard lemonade" comment. diddy is, and always will be a damn fool

DetroitRockCity said...

nope, they all get on my nerves

1980 said...

phonte is ill but people need to stop sleeping on pooh. dude is nice!

Anonymous said...

Missed you babes!

I have a fav cousin... he's 42 or something, so cool though! I take prettyblackgold is yours? If I were you... she'd be mine too! ♥

12kyle said...

Little Brother is sooooo underrated. Phonte and Big Pooh are better than a lotta these "microwave rappers" out there.

favorite'd have to be my cousin Tammy. She's the closest thing that I have to a big sister. She's bossy, arrogant, and selfish...and we get along great! I know that makes no sense but it's soooo true. LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

Alicia Keys hands down had the best performance of the BET awards... she brought me back and I was loving every minute of it

C. brown and Ciara and Ne-Yo were both tied for a close second

yeah yeah yeah post the prettyblack

and I have a couple fav cousins... I dont know what I would do if anyone made me choose...

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh and Diddy... is the whackest... I cant believe you actually sat there and watched that mess!

Darius T. Williams said...

thanks for the reference to coldplay - I think I'm going to have to check out the CD.

Yup - i wanted soooo much more from Alicia much more. Not seeing her being true to the tones and sounds of her last album makes me think if her album was just a stunt.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I have two favorite cousins...both are males..I have one my age and one way younger than me...I call the younger one Couzin-Man and I've been saying "that's my favorite Couzin-Man" ever since he was a baby...he's 10 now and swears up and down he knows more than you, me, and his mama.....

Then there's my cousin Eric...who I only see when I go down south...but we're tight no matter what...we used to beat my little brother up we freestyle on tracks together...

The Flyyest said...

diddy.....Bahahahahahah!!!! take that take that!! hahahahahah

i loved the alicia keys gave me chills....she brought all the homies back!!!!


i do have a favorite cuzzin......
we are 9 months apart.. my cuzzin Mikey!!!!!!!!! we are tight

Yasmeen Christian said...

No! Don't like any of them (cousins).

allienicole said...

not nearly as close to my cousins as i should be... shame. on me.

Monie said...

I think all my cousins are favorite cousins. Even the ones that are younger than me.

Coldplay is the shit. I am also loving their new CD. And I've been on Little Brother for a while. I got hipped to them a couple years ago and have been a fan since.

Glad to see you blogging.

RunGirl. said...

Yeah Diddy is out of control. Did you see his special on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? He embarrassed himself as usual ...
Ciara and CB on the BET awards? Were they dancing or having sex??

ANGELINA said...

I'm new to your blog so hi :)

Diddy is a fool! And anyone that asks for that drink at the bar is a fool too lol.

Ciara and Chris that was hot. I need to find out how she makes her legs look so long.

The Alicia Keys performance made my day! SWV, En Vogue, AND TLC...whew! That brought back some memories.

And (to end the long comment) my favorite cousin is Jason. He used to tease me when I was a kid because I was such a nerd, but we have more in common now that we're older and like the hollywood nightlife. I like that he always foots the bill when we hang out :)