Thursday, April 26, 2007

does anybopdy feel me when im sayin that omarions first cd goes to work??? got damn! i sit here at work and its amazing the type of music that gets you in the mood to work.. i got my ipod glarin in ma left ear, while a customer rants and raves in ma otha ear..and omarion "slow dancin" comes on.. man, the song goes to work, clearly a club worker, tho most any d.j. wone pla y it.. let me be a d.j. ill have 15 women pregnant, and 4 more couples engaged by the end of the night. the cd goes to work tho.. crucial.. his second cd is clean, yea "midnight" is the premier joint.. i love the clarity of cheating this fool protrays.. "one o clock im in it!.. 2 o clock, still in it!".. cheat on playa.. cheat on.

but "o" is the cd.. first cd was a slapper, and i pay homage and respect where its due.. no homo. for my birthday i think i wanna have 3 parties, one of em will def be a nasty function, i dont care, all slow jams and adina howardish slutty shit lol.. jackie o's and luke legs and grindeeng.. tristin pumps and odie strokes hahahaha.. they kno who they are haha. suckas.

now vivan greens "complete" is on the ipod. shes great.. long hair or short hair.. ill love u incedibly from ya head to the soles of ya feet viv.. jus let me... i kno ya name alicia, and i wont tell ya secrets, i see you wit ya t shirt and panties adina, i kno how many licks it takes lil kim, i miss you too aaliyah,.. i could keep goin, but u get the idea.. ive always loved the woman slow jam, makes me feel loved lol

random.. i was talkin to my folks the otha day, and i pointed out something to her.. if u want a dude to wanna wife u, or even get married, play some MUSIQ.. dudes songs always make someone like me wanna start a family hahaha..all that talk abou tbeautiful love and a son that looks like me, daughter like u type ish.. makes a brotha wanna break down and get married.. live a long life, wit some babies and a house lol.. even at 23. damn you musiq... like a musical kryptonite.. think im lyin??? play his new cd in the car one day wit ya dude, see how mushy he gets.. might even hold ya hand in public.. might even kiss you in public, while hummin the lyrics to jagged edges "lets get married" lol.. musiq= kryptonite. damn u musiq..

jamie foxx's "forecass"... indeed.. thas all ima say. that and, raindrops fallin down all ova my love.. soakin wet all ova the bed??? that def calls fa a change of sheets.. wether or not you are too tired after a good session to do that, or jus charge it to the game and sleep in the wet spot??... question of the night.


more ipod love manana.

..swagga up! magnum up!

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