Wednesday, May 30, 2007


back on the grind o' things..newe day new dollar.. or lack there of.. i been thinkin of maybe gettin anotha job on top of the one i have.. folks think that this promotions is a job, not by far.. makes minimal cash from an abundance of cash that is dished out and leaves a sour taste in my mouth each time i invest.. neva have i been the one to wanna make it rain in the club, ill gladly keep my dolla bills in my pocket and put em in the piggy bank when i get home (clikity clank, clikity clank)..

my birthday will be here in a week or so, nothin really major about turnin 24 cept its a year closer to 25 and thas where i needa be takin care of business to the fullest.. the cards look like they are playin up right for me, eventually ima end up mat the 60g a year job, plannin on movin into my own place, and not wit ma sis anymore... and needa get a new whip.. a lot to do in one year.. the jordan year is over... im not as excited for the birthday as bdays before, im jus happy to be alive, seein as so many of my loved ones have gone in the last couple of years.. to be around ma fam, my loved ones, and future loved ones is all that raelly matters to me.. and maybe gettin a lil lit in the process.. lol.. to think that maybe ina few years ill be married or somethin, wit a lil eric jr. on the way, i wont lie, puts a shiver in ma spine.. gotta be ready in all aspects to do that..

hmmm.. companionship...we will leave that topic fa anotha day.. jus know its definitley on my mind more lately then it has been for quite some time.. single for 3 years lol.. woooooooow..*leaves that note on the table to start up anotha day*

i still have yet to get on the travel hype.. a turnaround trip to la was the most recent finding, which in tune, was a very profitable trip.. fun with a quick result.. i aint mad at it.. (*bumpin weezy.. the carter 1*).. maybe soon enough that trip love will come my way.. i have not forgotten about my so called cruise i wanna go on.. no joke.. i got to do it!

pops is good, mommas good, rest of the family is good.. the boys are the boys, always findin somethin to get into lol.. magnum up!..sisters are good, the house is fine. we been bbqin a lot lately, the most recent one went to work hahah.. wake up jd! lol..

*random story*.. so i took a shower last week, not the first shower in foreva or nothin, but this one was funny.. im walkin out the bathroom, towel wrapped around (ladies create a vision here, haha).. as i hit the hallway, i guess the water on my feet, the lil amount that there was, found its way to the floor, so i slipped, fell, and the heel of my foot puts a hole in the wall.. the damn towel flys off, and im layin on the wooden floor lookin like a fool.. all i could do was cuss, until ma sis comes stormin out the room.. then i hada rush to the towel and wrap it back around hahahha.. damn water.. moral of the story, dry ya feet first.

thas all fa now.

and since i kno your readin this .. *hello fe*.. ;)

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Jules said...

Well,.. a fellow blogian, but I must say you write more then I do, apparently I need to step my game up.