Monday, June 25, 2007


baby youuu got me open, baby I jus wanna make ya the end o da
niiiiite.. :D

bobby valentinos new album goes to work.

with the inclusion of my best friend gettin saved this past sunday (a
blessing in itself) and ma boy gettin married, at 24, I had an
interesting weekend. to see your "brother", confidant and overall ace
take a big step like that it means a lot...accepting christ is a big
thing, for someone like myself who aint the most spiritual type, church
goin person, but knows who I am and where I'm going, and that its
nowhere witout HIM, it helps to kno that my closest has accepted that
path as well..nicely played my dude!
as for my boy that got married, its funny to see a peer take that huge
step like that. he was happy, I'm happy for him..made me
realize I'm not ready for that just yet, but when that feeling comes,
ill be jus at happy..thas the nex step to the next stage of ya life, and
its a big one..much respect dave, much respect.

my sis graduates the academy this week..congrats sis...she's been thru
hell and back but she made it!..good shit. brotha loves ya.

junes almost over, my bday party was a smash, finished just like I
wanted it to wit me sleep! lol..I'm ready for anotha change...

question of the day: so I wanna learn how to play an insrument..trumpet,
or sax?..


...hustle till ma heart stop..

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