Wednesday, June 20, 2007

so todays a good day..simple as it may seem, but a good day
nonetheless..brains not occupied wit anything but stackin, chasin them
george washingtons, and finally gettin this hair cut this
weekend..lookin lightweight paul bunyan right now...
the months goin by fast as carl lewis in the 80s, birthdays already 13
days I'm feelin good about developments comin along..only
got 340 some odd days till the 25th..340 some odd days till I betta have
ma shit straight...all the way straight.

so I definitley am workin on "claire huxtable"..its comin along
fine..and I will have that for ya soon..indeed.

most intriguing thing on my brain as of late?...a change of
scenery..burning question:...can I move outta sac?..hmmmm...

swagga up!

...hustle till ma heart stop..

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