Friday, October 26, 2007

Claire Huxtable.. (rough draft...)

" its a beautiful thing to see the essence of a queen, complexion similar to me, so serene. makes my soul scream.."

many inquire as to why and when i will alow myself to transition into one with the better half potential in life.. a question i cant answer, only dissect into this analogy.
as my clair huxtable..

its simple to think that it will fall into place.. that one day she will step to me in her ever present appeal, sweep me off, and allow me to finally be rid of this block of surrealism i have allowed myself to put up.. the block of nothing-ness that draws me away from the norm, and into my non believing world.
with her spiteful stare, her endearing care, she wants to be closer to me. not in an instant of physicality, but that of spiritual endeavors.. neccesity to me, as it draws me nearer to her. a woman who strives for completion, who needs to grind to be at ease with mind.. her evenflow of existence is what allows her to smile at the small things,
rubbing bare skin, whispering the potentials within, allowing me to grow and achieve manhood within all the while becoming the woman in every aspect possible.
argumenative in her rage, with points to be made, ultimatley fiding a median and conclusion to maintain happiness at the end of the day..
her desire unmatched, with the full on drive to succeed and keep my desire attached. challenging each and every day to keep the intangibles key. expand the possibilities and strive to be successful in all avenues.
she can grow on me like a weed, forcing my thoughts to her at any time indeed..its so much more then just the thoguht process, and the infatuation stage, to keep it going and going.. it falls faster and reaches longer than a dream of she..her smirk can light up the skies.. shes the one to force you to need to be around, attracts attraction and has flair..

maintains and preserves her sexy, manicured nails, pedi toes, done hair..hygiene and swag, mean and vicious.. makes me wanna holla everyday.. not just at the initial hello.. eye contact without say so, sway back, wont allow my attention to detach. so much more than the physicial attributes tho, cause most dont know that the mental creates the physicial.. when she wakes up, her first thoughts are those of praise to the one above for her existence again. independent, only dependent on her faith.. wears her heart on her shoulder, can keep composure.. the goals embedded into her mind are the statements quoted in her everyday life, found only thru her results and those thoughts none can find.. strong like an ox.. speaking to me subliminally from across the city, my thoughts grow and mold unto hers..

I expect myself to strive for perfection, knowing that will never come, but still with visions in that direction. Expectations of my counterpart to strive to the upper level as well, so that we as one can eventually succeed and watch our successes maintain as well..


Trouble said...

Wow swag, what a way to come back!
you know i've always believed that if you put what you want out there, it will come to you. be prepared...

Ebonne said...

beautifully written!

PrettyBlack said...

Boy I used to change your diaper! I can't indulge in this madness!! lol

But it was very beautiful...I'm so glad the sista's take your breathe away.