Monday, September 24, 2007

eyes and ears

eyes and ears, eyes and ears. everyone has them but some use them for different reasons.. your eyes and ears tell you what you wanna hear, then your reaction to what u wanna see and hear, comes out in your interpretation of what the situation entails..regardless of considering any option of acceptance, instead, you just make an assumption that you saw what you think you saw, and thus you have a verdict.

I'm tired of the eyes and ears of society, I'm annoyed by the factors that are involved in the people you see on a daily basis. I'm close to through with being involved in the eyes and ears game. Its one that has no substance, gives no positive feedback, and only proves things wrong or errant. its a consistent circle of whatever, and wont really ever go away, just be paused until the next major ordeal comes into play. It makes me wanna become a recluse, cutting myself off from many a people and only allowing the extremely needy into my informative circle.

Those who know me, know that i am and have always been an outgoing person. extrovert. easy going, smiling all the time, giving good advice, listening, taking mental notes, observing all of my surroundings, and always extending myself to make sure that its all good. That's me. That's Eric.

But lately, that feeling has become less and less apparent. More now, that i just want to do me. separate myself from the childish aspect of the game, involve myself in the lifestyle that I'm leading up to. Cause all the slander and erroneous talk going on right now, is becoming redundant, and amazingly annoying. i recently wrote that I'm on a more positive note right now, and that I'm trying to give my desires room to grow. That is definitely taking a role in this learning process I'm being involved in right now, and the days of me putting myself out there to involve the masses is just about coming to an end. I was once told that with the aspects of my life I am involving myself in I'm losing pace, and that I should never restrict myself from my destined success for the latter of someones need to have me stay down with them. As true as it was at the time I heard it, my actions have ultimately got to speak louder then the words in my head.. So, I'm through.

And the process is beginning.


PrettyBlack said...

Thanks for the B-day shout-out cuzz!
Sorry I haven't gotten back. I started school and the little free time I have is devoted to HOMEWORK!

As for your post. Why do you think I'm 35 and have (outside of my immediate family) 4 good friends?

Mofo's need to be checked way to often. And I'm not the checker...I'm the wrecker. So instead of having to wreck a disrespectful bitch I just keep her at a distance. The older you get you will feel me on that. My life is bliss because I don't have any bullshit in it.

Like Bernie Mac said;

"God gave you 2 ears and one mouth so you can do more listening than talking."

Trouble said...

Hey Swag! Pretty Black wants me to tell you to go back to school, but... I actually got the job I have now (been here 7 years) before I had the degree. And the job I had previously I actually stopped going to school full time so that I could accept. I think it is about finding out what you want to do first, what is your passion? I knew I had a love of real estate and just tried to get my foot in the door, office assistant, receptionist, file clerk. I would take anything as long as it was in the field I wanted, but more on that later...

You know when I first decided that I might be hanging out with the wrong bunch of people? its silly but we all went to an outlet center, and I'm hitting up J.Crew, Off Fifth (Saks Fifth Avenue outlet) Barney's Outlet for work clothes, and my (former) girls all of which are older than me where going into Guess and Hot Topic and couldn't believe that I didn't go into Old Navy (I wanted to but ran out of time, when faced with a Saks Fifth Avenue or a Old Navy outlet I'm hitting Saks first!)

Damn I wrote you a novella! sorry