Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So I have this issue with nagging people. I dont feel like people should be as nagging as they come across, annoying me with questions you already know the answer to, knwoing how Im going to respond, and knowing that you will be nagging me with your questions. Dont ask me "what are you doing" when you clearly see me doing something worth while or not even relevant. If im not in the mood to talk, dont ask me whats wrong.

Im an extrovert, I talk all the time, im and outgoing young man, always have been. So if im not talking, and my expression is blank, its clear that something aint 100% right. Im one to be left alone when not feeling well or up to par. "Momma say" (my mother) used to get on me tough as a kid when i was sick because I would never tell her when I was sick, till my nose was falling off my face. LOL. Private eric. Ive always been that way. Not feeling well = not talking, just kinda floatin, and knowing that the next day will be better.

So this snooty ass, uptight, janky behind manager @ my job comes up to me today as im working, listening to joe blow rant and rave about who knows what. I happened to be reading the newspaper, ya know, keeping up on current events, the usual, still doing my job as im servicing the customer (see "multitasking" in the dictionary). Her ugly self, we call her cruela deville, she looks just like her, minus the hair. wench. So cruela decides to stand at my desk area and make her presence known. Then..

Her: "so, what are you doing?"
Me: (puts customer on mute) "listening to joe blow tell me about his shitty millionaire life"
Cruela: "while reading the paper??" (scrunches her ugly lips)
Me: (blank stare, raised eyebrow).."yes"...
Ugly face: "AH".. (waits for me to put the paper down)

So I turned my back on her, focused back on my customer, and finished my job, and didnt put the paper down. She stood in the area for about 2 minutes more and realized that she wasnt goin anywhere with her strife, so she walked away in her stepped on, run down nine west pumps lol.. floozy.

I respect authority just as much as the next man, but dont try and use your status to intimidate me outta doing something that has no relevance nor distraction to anyone at all except you. My job still got done, joe blow was happy with the outcome, and in the end the world was a better place. But since cruela has a bit of status in this building, she gotta be burger king ambassador and have everything her way? YOU DONT EVEN WORK IN MY AREA! YOU AINT EVEN MY DIRECT CONNECT TO MANAGEMENT! spare me with your stank walk, and your old school shoulderpads, with your cheetah print dresses. Plain and simple, you suck.

Dont ask me a question when you see what I am doing. It should be clear. Keep it real if it annoys you, I can take the heat, even from a big wig. shoot.

anyways, ona brighter note. I have finally decided that Im gonna learn to play the trumpet. Been wanting to explore new avenues and roads in my young age, and after watchin bleek gilliam for the 50th time, i decided to indulge. "who you callin sissy, giant?!?!"

P.S.S. current trend for SEP-DEC.. the usher "burn" beard lol.. Im growin it out!

..swagga up.


Trouble said...

She sounds passive aggressive. I like to say I'm hard of hinting for folk like that. If you don't come out and say it, then I'm gonna act like I'm stupid and have no idea what your getting at. one of the accountants at my job is like that. She'll see that my bosses door is closed and then come to my office and say, "Oh is BossMans door closed?" and I will say, "It is?" or my favorite is when she stands outside of my office and stares at me (waiting for me to look up) Once she stood there for about 15 minutes before she realized that I wasn't going to look up

Kitty said...

*dead* @ the cheetah print dresses.

There's always that one person at work that you wish would kill themselves.. LOL