Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick update

its been a good 9 days since I posted something on the blog. Just been goin thru the motions of daily life. Work is work, life is life.

I did listen to this cd my mom gave me about the "law of attraction" and how to find your niche. It was a nice listen, i folded clothes and cleaned the hosue while doing it. And it helped me to start realizing how much i really send negative vibes from my thoughts. Not neccesarily to other people but just to situations. I can hear myself count how many times i say i dread going to work, and how bad those days are when I do. Removing words like "no", "not", and "cant" are things i have worked on most after listening to the audiobook, and also remaining focused on trying to allow my desires to come to play. Hopefully it helps, so far it has, and Im in the progress of making all situtations better. The word of the day is...PROGRESS.

I had some of the extended family over the otha day, and we had a good time like usual. Watched the usual flick, and had a good talk about whatever and whenever. Ended up playin the grown up game of truth or dare, but this was just truth.. and a lotta truths came out lol.. I always feel like even though people may be playing a game involving the utmost truth, some of it still has its curves or falsifications on the inside.. I mean I kept it real, no need for me to lie, and Im not saying that others lied, but that feeling still comes ya kno? Like if someone says, "do you like so and so??".. and you answer honestly, but with the utmost careful answer you can come up with, so that you dont put yourself in a further situation down the line.. LOL, maybe thats just me that feels that way. nonetheless, it was a nice night, everyone bought their share of goodies, and we just had a good evening. Everyone left at around 230, and I can say all of our souls were at peace after the fun evening.

Theres nothing really on my mind about anything else, probably just the Jena 6 situation. Once i actually took the time to read up on it, and educate my self on the issue, it burned me. Still we are at a level where something like this is happening. Made me feel like its still the 1960's, Ill probably write more on it when I have the time and the mindset, but for now, that type of situation is remaining a burning note in my mind. Especially at the amount of young black folks that are involved in the situation. Seems its getting to be more and more in the younger generation.

For now, back to work. Its been a good day.

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Trouble said...

The last couple of years I've been trying real hard not to put anything negative out there. Oh I still vent and pop off at the mouth, but I'm trying to stop saying things like, "Oh this is gonna be terrible" or "I just know I'm gonna have a bad time." instead I just don't go! (i'm kidding!)