Monday, January 14, 2008

. Americas... Team....?

Yea yea I know I know the cowboys lost. whatever. spare me with all the shit talking, all the "so whassup now!".. I dont wanna hear it. I invested some good life hours into this season, all for none.. DANG!

On a brighter note, my friends are better after the drunk driving incident. Im happy from that.

Now I go back to my little corner to sulk some more and find out a way to tryout for the dallas cowboys to ensure this doesnt happen next year.

.. its ok T.O. .. dont cry.


Eb the Celeb said...

It dont matter... the G-men are goin g down... Favre and the Pack gon buss they a$$

Trouble said...

for the most part, I'm really not into NY teams but my Daddy rooted for the Giants and I learned to do the same sitting on his knee. Go Giants!