Thursday, January 17, 2008

crushes, jobs, and the routine

I used to have a big crush on Gina from martin, lol
I just felt the need to expose my old school crush.
yea she had a big head, but she was so great to her
man lol. She was a ride or die chick before that was
even thought about. Here's to Gina Waters/Payne,
she was my first major crush, and yea. LOL

I got an interview for a manager in training position next week, should
be interesting! I needa ask questions when I'm there so I'm in the
process of
thinking about those questions. The interview is for
Farmers insurance, so cross ya fingas and toes fa
me! and any pointers, I'm always open ears.

off to the poetry spot I go tonight, and then of
course, to the club to do the usual work.

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PrettyBlack said...

Big Head Gina! haha! when you were I baby I didn't think your head or nose would catch up to your body! haha. But my lookin' all shaaaap and shit!

Trouble said...

AHAHAHA @ PB puttin you on blast!

on a serious note, you should ask how the position became available. (was someone fired, did they move up, is it a new position) also ask about the team you'll be helping to manage, how long have they worked together, size of group, etc.) ask about the corporate structure ie who will you be reporting to, who will review your work

Eb the Celeb said...

you have a poetry spot... why i aint get an invite?