Friday, January 18, 2008

Gimme 3!

Ok so the question of the day:

What 3 movie characters from any movie would you be if you could?

1. Mike Lowry (Bad Boys)- Came from money, had the clothes, the clean cut, the ladies, the luxury cars. Man Mike had it all!. And he was a cop to match. Will Smith had a clean swag playing Mike Lowry from bad boys.. anybody memba the running scene in the first one? you woulda thought this brotha could run a 4.1 the way he caught up wit a moving car to save his boy. LOL. And then the scene where he was driving in bad boys 2 chasin the Haitians?? money had bars on the steering wheel. Mike Lowry coulda been a superhero. period dot.Image Hosted by

2. Bleek Gilliam (Mo' betta blues)- Bleek had that ultimate type swag, fully equipped with the knowledge of an instrument. Could play the panties off of a woman, at the same time be the sensitive brotha. Yea bleek had women problems, and yea he had a shotty manager who had a gambling problem, but thru it all he still was a strong cat. I love how he articulates, even when hes clowning someone. " Why you bringing confusion into my home Clarke?" HAHA..Of course attribute Denzel playing the part to Bleeks existence but still, Bleek Gilliam was a beast. I could relate to him ina sense cause his first love was his music, and then after that everything else came. Gwon Bleek!Image Hosted by

2. Darius Lovehall (Love Jones)- The Renaissance brotha from the windy city could do it all. Had knowledge of music, could spit poetry, knew his artists, and even rode a motorcycle! not a bike, chopper, but some old honda lookin thang, that created the illusion the brotha was a classic soul. Yea, he and Nina had their issues, but ultimately the realization that she made him better was too much to handle. Lovehall had that swag also, real smooth brotha who didnt have to say much to get his point across.Image Hosted by

So those are my 3. Who would YOU be?


PrettyBlack said...

Good shit lemme see, I'm not really into movies but I can name a few;

Halle Berry's character from swordfish, she was raw as fuck and held some powerful nuts in the palm of her hand. elusive and classy.

Queen Latifahs character in set it off...But with the carpet munching.
That bitch was raw dawg! Love it.

Okay and I'm thinking that was michelle rodriguez in SWAT...A swat team bitch...nuff said!

Oh yeah swag, trouble is coming to cali (oakland) in a few weeks holla at me to let me know if you want to ride down with me to meet her!

PrettyBlack said...

I meant WITHOUT the carpet munching! Strictly dickly ya'll strictly dickly!

Trouble said...

YEA! I'm coming to Cali get ready!

Geena Davis character in Long Kiss Goodnight, that bitch was murderous and didn't stop for nobody!

Ziyi Zhangs character in House of Flying Daggers, graceful and deadly, another can't stop me chick

and I'm gonna steal PBs and say Michelle Rodriguez in SWAT, playing with boys and guns sounds right up my alley

Eb the Celeb said...

Nina Mosley from Love Jones so you could be my brother to the night

Jonie is their Eyes were watching God
I love the book and Halle Berry got to flirt with Michael Ealy... the only redbone that could get it

Justice in Poetic Justice so that I could have worked alongside 2pac

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

cornelious - planet of the apes

ill think of a few more...nice blog chk me if u can

TreeLove said...

im gonna do my 3 for this one...