Tuesday, January 15, 2008

..Ive been tagged

So I've been tagged by my cousin pretty black. I gotta tell 7 things about me that most wont know. HA. Well here goes.

1. When I was 6 years old I broke my wrist running away from a whoopin. I had done something dumb, like usual when I was a youngin, big head and fast as the wind, or at least I thought. So pops, comes home, and mommas in the den talkin to him about it. At first I think hes playin about whippin ma ass, but as he swooshes the belt outta each and every loop within a second, I realized it was a wrap. So I began to run and wildly pursue my freedom from the wrath of "maid merrian" (my dad had an old army rope that was short and put welts on ass cheeks somethin tough, appropriately named "maid merrian"...I never looked at robin hood the same), but as I cut the corner to freedom, amazingly the big ole wooden oak table was in the way. **CRACK** goes the wrist, down goes frazier (Eric..) and out come the tears.. I think i told all my kindergarten friends I got ina fight and broke it, but alas, it was only from an attempted whoopin.

2. I listen to pretty much anything, and know the words to most songs. even rock. Ive been known to bump Led Zeppelin something tough in my quiet times, and oddly, it calms me down. The jazzy, r&b influence that Jimmy page and John bonham gave off in their beats give me the inclination that they really knew about music. And Robert plant separates any disbelief that he didnt have a swag way back then. Call it what ya want, acid music, weird ish, but I call it pure music. So if you see my drivin down the street and maybe hear a clean rift comin out the windows, don't be surprised.

3. I twitch in my sleep, so Ive been told.. but not like small twitches, real snappy ones. No clue why. I was told that most people do, but mine are like hard snaps. Never has affected me, but I have been told that its kinda scary when I just jerk outta nowhere.

4. I have a fear of failure, which is one reason I have a slight fear of flying(not in a plane, but taking risks). Its even played into other facets, for example women. Most people don't assume I would ever be shy, but I used to have a real problem approaching females, and would just charge it to the game and keep it pushing instead of going for the gold. Funny, it still lingers today, even though my confidence has boosted 10 fold. I still to this day don't really do the initial spark of conversation with women, it comes in a different package of course cause I'm just an extrovert, so I can talk to anyone really. But there is still a timid nature in the approach. So for those of you who read this and think, "he think he got game..." In all reality, I'm not as open as you think I am. And its not a facade.

5. I have an OCD when it comes to shirts and inner sleeve seams.. its the weirdest thing I think I have ever done. but if you take a tshirt, and feel the inside of the sleeve on the little doubled up thread, MAN. I can be caught toying with those things on almost any of my tshirts. People probably don't notice it at all, but if your ever around me and see me just picking at my shirt, and REALLY focused on it, you know that's my OCD.

6. I can sing. rarely in front of people, never when I'm asked to do it, but I can actually sing okay. Not American idol, not able to get a contract, but just good enough to be like, hmm. The baritones good for something besides puttin people to sleep when I talk to them on the phone I guess.. Oh that's another thing, I tend to mumble sometimes. I have too much bass and not enough treble in my voice. It gets annoying when people say "huh?" to me, so I really have to articulate my words when trying to be heard. Speech impediment? NO. Just a deep voice LOL.

7. Ive never been remotely close to being in love with a lady. thru 2,3 girlfriends, I haven't grown those feelings. Maybe attributed to my security block on my heart, fear of being hurt, or overall young mind, its never come into my emotions to actually feel like I was in love with my significant other. Definitely something that I hope to change of course, as looking back on previous endeavors I can only say that they were setups for ultimately a good relationship. Thru every year I mature a little more, and I'm sure the first step to understanding what I want from the love I end up giving will be the equivalent of what I see on a daily basis poured from my father to my mother, and also realizing that its okay to put my guard down.

.. WELL there it is. A little bit about me ya might not know.

..I'm taggin all yall, no one is spared


Trouble said...

when I first went away to college, I used to stop breathing in my sleep. I used to scare the crap outta my roomate when I would waking up gasping for air

PrettyBlack said...

naw mufucka you got to tag specifics because I wants to read their shit...No shortcuts nicca!

Eb the Celeb said...

love the pics... look at you opening up... and if you are looking for your first lady to fall in love with I am here... cuz your a cutie...

TreeLove said...

broke ur wrist from runna from an ass whoopin!!! u dont know how weak ii am over here!!! LMAO!!

but now, being in love is a big thing... and ii mean u have to be open to it, if ur gaurd is up all the time then how will people know the real you??? but yea great one!!

LOL @ that ass whoopin!!! :)

Monie said...

That's a really cute pic...I wanna hear you sing LOL