Wednesday, January 9, 2008

music take me away. . .

I was thinking of all the songs that I really love
and have so many great memories of. All of those
songs that I used to gig to when I was going thru
the 18-21 stage of life, the songs that I have
connected with certain people, etc. Its a mind
blaster to see how much music is a part of my everyday living. And I say
that as I sit in the car wit no music LOL ( I have to get the cd player

Song of choice right now- bobby valentino's "tell
me". This song went to work!! along with the album
in itself reminds me of the summer of 06. That
bass beat banged extra tuff, and gave you the 2
step feel that gave the grown up touch to those
of us who were ready to step our games up. Here's
to "tell me".. and not the version wit lil wayne
eitha! the original. Everybody turn it up loud, 2 step
wherever you are, and feel good about it.

I'm gonna get back to doing my dissections of my
favorite artists, cds, etc and puttin em up. its
been a while since I did that. but its a beautiful



Eb the Celeb said...

i cant deal with bobby v's whiney voice... sorry... he's like the new ketih sweat

swag_ambassador said...

LOL I feel u on that to an extent. but I be damned if that wasn't the joint.. u kno u feel me on that. I mean, shall I jus send u the instrumental? ;)

Trouble said...

so I see you were serious about that posting everyday thing...