Friday, January 25, 2008

So I'm in the process of going thru negotiations wit
myself on writing a book. I decided on the topic of
course, to be about relationships in this day in age.
Seeing as its a totally different style, a totally
new mindset, and a totally new way of messing up
the game of love, it made it easy to dissect. I've
decided the book will be called "all facades aside",
and it will examine the ups and downs, confusion
and simplicity that the game brings nowadays, as
we all have seen or experienced.
I just feel too strongly on how easy people can
allow themselves to be thrown to the wolves in
the relationship game not to, and too many people
have too many questions on it. I am definitley not
saying these will be the answers, as I'm no doctor,
but ill be damned if I haven't experienced and seen
enough to form an educated opinion. Its an exciting
thing to spark up a convo about, the problems we
as people have within our relationships these days,
so why not throw my two pennies on the table!!

lets get it!

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