Thursday, January 10, 2008

The "Factor"

So I watched "the great debaters" last night and
I was definitley impressed with the movie. It had
a few loose ends but overall I was all eyes with it.
Little Jurnee Smollet has turned into quite the
woman, and she has a strong strong voice. I
enjoyed lookin at the mature version of lil eve
from eves bayou, and she had that attention
grabbing voice in the movie. Denzel in all his luster
gave one of those performances where you can tell
her took a backseat to expose the power of the
young actors who surrounded him and give them
the shine, of to which I applaud him. I must admit that if denzel knew
how much of his "swag" I've
stolen from him over the years, lol, he would
prolly have me arrested for copyright infringement
LOL. jk. But for real, its all in the appeal for some,
and when you have the aura to snatch everyones
attention in the room without saying anything,
that's called the "Denzel factor". :D sorry Mr. W,
I've stolen the factor. ha! Especially if I step in
somewhere fitted to the tee. Watch out!! *fixes
my tie*..

song of the day."on my own"- lil wayne, the carter
fast paced, unorthodox, basically 4 minutes of raw
flows. favorite verse?. . . "outta all the hot boys
she say I'm tha coolest!" . . well, its only right. You
can see the confidence ooze outta this blog.


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Eb the Celeb said...

look at you mobile blogging... if I didnt have to be so damn creative and have pictures and links and what not to improvise I may be doing that too.

PrettyBlack said...

Okay so your mobile blogging and I'm still trying to figure how to add links to the post! hahaha age difference much...